Burlesque Noir - The Garden of Unearthly Pleasures (2014)

Our very first show in Blackpool took place at The Pavilion Theatre in the famous Blackpool Winter Gardens. Our guests were treated to array of sideshow marvels as they entered such as tattooed and bearded ladies, mermaids and magicians. 

Then our marvellous compere Ms Majorie Hawkins began our show and we certainly started with a bang! Our audience was treated to a wide variety of burlesque, cabaret and singing before our incredible headliner Immodesty Blaize brought her trademark sex appeal to the stage! The audience lapped it up!

Line up:

Immodesty Blaize,

Violet Blaze,

Silk Desire,

Raven Noir,

Suzie Sequin,

Velma Von Bon Bon,

Deadly Nightshade,

Kiki Deville,

Alice Allarse

Compere - Ms Majorie Hawkins

Jennifer Thomson