Burlesque Noir 2015

For our second show, we raised the bar even more! Firstly we moved to the historic and decadent Blackpool Tower Ballroom! Secondly we brought over all the way from Las Vegas burlesque legend Tempest Storm! All of our VIPs got the opportunity to meet this burlesque icon before the show. Plus the following day we held an intimate afternoon tea with Tempest where she was interviewed by Neil Kendall and answered attendees' questions. She had some very interesting and saucy tales about Elvis and JFK to tell!

The show had a wonderful array of burlesque and cabaret talent and was once again compered by Majorie Hawkins. At the end of the show, Tempest came out arm in arm with Raven and thanked the crowd for their enthusiasm and told a few more stories about her incredible life. She even gave us a good hip shake!

It was a really special evening that brought the best of the UK burlesque community together.

Line up:

Tempest Storm

Domino Barbeau

Vicky Butterfly

Aurora Galore

Lady Wildflower

Rusty Von Chrome

Hells Belle

Raven Noir

Coco Malone

Tidy and Tips

Alice Allarse

and compered by Ms Majorie Hawkins. 

Jennifer Thomson